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Feb 9, 2015

Shelley and I trek around the US, then head to ancient China to unify the provinces.  I Kickstarted Trekking the National Parks, and I'm glad to have this on the shelf for the nephews and non-gamers.  ZhanGuo is a LOT heavier, but clear once you get your mind wrapped around it.

Trekking the National Parks by Charlie...

Feb 9, 2015

Quick walk around of The Gathering 2006 back up on the feed.  This is probably my shortest episode ever, but it's nice to get the voices on the feed again.

Feb 9, 2015

The Gathering as always been a "must attend" event and Shelley and I were lucky enough to attend for a number of years (hopefully we'll go back) before it moved to Niagra and our schedules with school didn't align well.

Enjoy our reflections on Ticket to Ride Marklin, etc.

Feb 9, 2015

On the feed once again, Greg Parker joins me for 4 games 




Anno 1503