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Aug 20, 2017

The first night of the annual roundtable conversations that many love to hear.  This year's Friday (Part 1) has the group (with Ric, Bob, Denis, Joe H., Doug R, Shelley, Matt Leacock, and Scott Caputo) beginning with some disappointing games from the past few months, then switching gears to delve into the KedJ and SdJ...

Aug 14, 2017

Shelley and I enjoy a nice Italian Rosé while discussing two wine-themed games that have been released in new versions over the past few months.

Viticulture Essential Edition by Jamey Stegmaier, Alan Stone, and Morten Monrad Pedersen from Stonemaier Games


Vinhos Deluxe Edition by Vital Lacerda from Eagle-Griffin Games

Aug 7, 2017

Shelley and I spend a few minutes talking about the winners of the SdJ and KedJ awards, then delve into a couple of games that WE could have done without.

Pyramid's Deadline by Jun Sasaki from Oink Games


Lignum by Alexander Huemer from Mücke Spiele

Jul 31, 2017

Two great cities, but only one great game in this week's episode!

Shelley and I get a classic that we continue to love to the table, as well as a less-than-classic game that we will be ridding ourselves of as quickly as possible.

Paris Paris by Michael Schacht from Rio Grande and others


Barcelona: The Rose of Fire...

Jul 24, 2017

Shelley and I check out two games that some were predicting would make the SdJ/KedJ nominations, but few a bit short.  Find out what we thought of them!

Die Garten von Versailles by Lena and Gunter Burkhardt from Schmidt


Valletta by Stefan Dora from Hans im Gluck