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Apr 9, 2017

Tony Boydell joins me for the third April in a row to discuss some of the games we've played since Essen, as well as reflecting on the publication of his latest, Guilds of London.

Games discussed:

Round House from EmperorS4

Adrenaline from CGE

Scythe from Stonemaier

Terraforming Mars from Stronghold Games

Mondrian The...

Apr 2, 2017

Shelley and I tackle the fantastic BIG game from Stronghold, and then a mini game from OSTIA Spiele:

Terraforming Mars by Jacob Fryxelius from Stronghold Games


Visby by Stefan Risthaus from OSTIA Spiele

Mar 26, 2017

Shelley and I talk about the latest from Stefan Feld, then delve into another heavier Essen release from a Taiwanese publisher.

Oracle of Delphi from Pegasus and Tasty Minstrel by Stefan Feld


Round House from EmperorS4 and designed by Eros Lin and Zonh-Hua Yang


Mar 20, 2017

Shelley and I get another GREAT game from Essen 2016 to the table - addictively playing it MANY times in a row, then throw in a dessert micro game for good measure.

Ave Roma by Attila Szögyi from A-Games


Tallinn by Stefan Risthaus from Ostia Spiele

Mar 5, 2017

Shelley and I check out a game that flew under a lot of people's radar at Essen, then get the card/game version of a fantastic title from a couple of years ago to the table:

Rhodes by Pieter Boots from The Game Master


First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express by Helmut Ohley from Hans im Gluck