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Jul 31, 2017

Two great cities, but only one great game in this week's episode!

Shelley and I get a classic that we continue to love to the table, as well as a less-than-classic game that we will be ridding ourselves of as quickly as possible.

Paris Paris by Michael Schacht from Rio Grande and others


Barcelona: The Rose of Fire...

Jul 24, 2017

Shelley and I check out two games that some were predicting would make the SdJ/KedJ nominations, but few a bit short.  Find out what we thought of them!

Die Garten von Versailles by Lena and Gunter Burkhardt from Schmidt


Valletta by Stefan Dora from Hans im Gluck

Jul 17, 2017

Shelley and I enjoy two disparate games this week, building Spires through drafting and bidding, as well as building decks and exploring a dungeon while trying not to make too much noise!

Spires by T.C. Petty III from Nevermore Games


Clank by Paul Dennen from Dire Wolf and Renegade

Jul 9, 2017

Shelley and I enjoy a new Knizia title from Grail Games, and a great new title-laying game from KOSMOS.

Medici: The Card Game by Reiner Knizia from Grail Games


Kerala by Kirsten Hiese from KOSMOS

Jul 2, 2017

Shelley and I have fun with the extensive expansion to one of our favorite 2-player-only games, then try out the latest iteration of a classic German card game.

Targi + its expansion by Andreas Steiger from Kosmos


Bohnanza The Duel by Uwe Rosenberg from Amigo and Rio Grande