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Sep 25, 2022

Shelley and I dive into the first part of my Essen Wantlist this week, but start by looking at a recent Kickstarter arrival

Keystone: North America by Jeffrey Joyce and Isaac Vega from Rose Gauntlet Entertainment

Then it's Part 1 of my Essen "Interested" list (in alphabetical order based on publisher - list below).

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Here is the list of games:

Findorff (2-F Spiele)

The Council of Shadows (alea)

Puerto Rico 1897 (alea)

Autobahn (Alley Cat Games)

Eternal Palace (Alley Cat Games)

Armadillo (AMIGO)

Dice Hunters of Therion (AMIGO)

Sauscharf (AMIGO)

Revive (Aporta Games)

Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Collector's Edition (Bezier Games)

Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition (Bezier Games)

Sync or Swim (Bezier Games)

FIKA (Board Game Circus)

Garden Nation (Board Game Circus)

Oros (Board Game Circus)

Founders of Teotihuacan (Board&Dice)

Loot Box #1 (Board&Dice)

Terracotta Army (Board&Dice)

Tiletum (Board&Dice)

Project L: Finesse Expansion (Boardcubator)

Project L: Ghost Piece Expansion (Boardcubator)

Terra Nova (Capstone Games)

Zookeepers (Cardslab)

Orichalque (Catch Up Games)

Come Together (Chilifox Games)

My Shelfie (Cranio Creations)

Starship Captains (Czech Games Edition)

Heat: Pedal to the Metal (Days of Wonder)

Caldera Park (Deep Print Games)

Skymines (Deep Print Games)

Woodcraft (Delicious Games)

Home Sweet Home - or Not (Devir)

Lacrimosa (Devir)

The Red Cathedral: Contractors Expansion (Devir)

Winter (Devir)

Catherine: The Cities of the Tsarina (Capstone/dlp games)

Joan of Arc: Orleans Draw & Write (dlp games)

Rise (Capstone/dlp games)

Phraya (DMZ Games)

FYFE (Edition Spielwiese)

Voll auf die 18 (Edition Spielwiese)

Great Western Trail: Argentina (eggertspiele)

Honey Buzz (Elf Creek Games)

La Famiglia (Feuerland Spiele)

Sanssouci (Fractal Juegos)

Kunterpunkt: Das wuselige Wurfelspiel (Frechverlag)

Aleph Null (Frosted Games)

Rainforest (Funnyfox)

Caral (Funtails

Treehouse Diner (Funtails)

Hippocrates (Game Brewer)

The Palaces of Carrara (Game Brewer)

Cracked/Code (Game Factory)

Festival (GDM Games)

Insecta: The Ladies of Entomology (GDM Games)

Akropolis (Gigamic)

The Gardens (Grail Games) - we discuss this NEXT WEEK!

Space Craft (Granna)

Nebel uber Carcassonne (Hans im Gluck)

Planet B (Hans im Gluck)