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Oct 2, 2022

Shelley and I dip our toes once again into the Essen Wantlist this week, but start by looking at another recent Kickstarter arrival

The Gardens by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert from Grail Games

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Here's the list of Essen games discussed:

Evergreen (Horrible Guild)

The Great Split (Horrible Guild)

Make It Happen (Indie Boards & Cards)

Galenus (Ion Game Design)

Discordia (Irongames)


Expedition (Korea Boardgames Co.)

Nirvana (Korea Boardgames Co.)

Targi: Die Bonus-Box (KOSMOS)

Nimalia (La Boite de Jeu)

Tribes of the Wind (La Boite de Jeu)

Atiwa (Lookout Games)

1998 ISS (Looping Games)

Fantasy Pub 2nd Ed (Looping Games)

Precognition (Ludonaute)

Air Mail (Ludonova)

Sabika (Ludonova)

Deities (Mandoo Games)

Evora (MEBO Games)

YIMBY (Mondainai)

Maui (Next Move Games)

Town 66 (Oink Games)

The Master Builders of Cologne (Ornament Games)

Village Rails (Osprey Games)

The Wolves (Pandasaurus Games)

80 Days (Piatnik)

Eleven: Football Manager Board Game (Portal Games)

Flowar (Ediciones Primigenio)

Moesteiro (Pythagoras)

Pessoa (Pythagoras)

Quinto Imperio II (Pythagoras)

Future Energy (Queen Games)

Helsinki (Queen Games)

Powerline (Queen Games)

Keydom's Dragons (R&D Games)

Dom Pierre (R&R Games)

Chronicles of Avel (Rebel Studio)

Meadow: Downstream Expansion (Rebel Studio)

San Francisco (Rebel Studio)

Take a Seat (Salt & Pepper Games)

Clever 4 Ever (Schmidt Spiele)

Virtu (Strohmann Games)

Dulce (Stronghold Games)

Amalfi: Renaissance (Sylex)

Clockworker (Sylex)

Colorado (Sylex)

Applejack (The Game Builders)

Yosemite (WizKids)

Awimbawe (Explor8)

Crossing Oceans (PD Verlag)

Pictures X-Mas (PD Verlag)

Santiago (Trefl)

Uptown (Trefl)