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Jun 16, 2024

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This week Shelley and I discuss the latest nominations for the Games of the Year coming out of Germany, then have a great time interviewing YouTube gamer and Bezier Marketing guru Jay Bernardo!

Jay's YouTube Channel (Cardboard East):

And the names and BGG links to all of the SdJ, KdJ and Kinder nominees and recommended titles:

Spiel des Jahres Nominees:

Captain Flip by Paolo Mori and Remo Conzadori from PlayPunk

In The Footsteps of Darwin by Gregory Grard and Matthieu Verdier from Sorry We Are French

Sky Team by Luc Remond from Scorpion Masque and KOSMOS

SdJ Recommended Titles:


Passt nicht!

Phantom Ink

Schatz it if you can

Trekking Through History 


Kennerspiel des Jahres Nominees:

Daybreak (or e-Mission) by Matt Leacock and Matteo Menapace from CMYK and Schmidt Spiele

Guild of Merchant Explorers by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J Gilbert from AEG and Skellig Games

Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West by Matt Leacock, Alan R. Moon, and Rob Daviau from Days of Wonder

KdJ Recommended Titles:

Bier Pioniere


Forest Shuffle


Kinderspiel des Jahres Nominees:

Gro├če kleine Edelsteine by Wolfgang Warsch from Schmidt Spiele

Die magischen Schlussel by Markus Slawitscheck and Arno Steinwender from Happy Baobab and Game Factory

Taco Kitten Pizza by Dave Campbell and Thierry Denoual from Blue Orange

Kinder Recommended:

Fluffy Valley

Lecker Lava

Die Nadel im Heuhaufen