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Welcome to Garrett's Games and Geekiness!  

Dec 25, 2022

Shelley and I check out the GORGEOUS Collector's Edition of 

Everdell by James A Wilson from Starling Games

in preparation for our review of the brand new My Lil Everdell next week.

But before that we fix our erroneous ways by doing a re-review of 

Dandelions by Takashi Sakaue from (which is now...

Dec 18, 2022

Shelley and I compete as rival dog walkers, trying to increase our reputation and walk the best breeds of dog in

Dog Park by Lottie and Jack Hazell from Birdwood Games

then we head up to the Sierras and into one of the most beautiful places on the planet to get great photos in

Yosemite by Tim Blank from WizKids

Dec 11, 2022

Shelley and I research amazing women throughout history in

HerStory by Nick Bentley, Danielle Reynolds, and Emerson Matsuuchi from Underdog Games

and then get abstract as we fulfill tasks and race to get rid of our markers first in

Framework by Uwe Rosenberg from Edition Spielwiese and Pegasus Spiele

Dec 4, 2022

This week Shelley and I become restauranteurs in Paris, competing for space for our tables on the square in 

Dinner in Paris by The Trolls from Funnyfox (via Lautapelit.fl)

then we head to Greece to rebuild our own cities in

Akropolis by Jules Messaud from Gigamic 

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Nov 27, 2022

Shelley and I take a trip up the peninsula to "The City By The Bay" for two different San Francisco titles:

Ticket to Ride San Francisco by Alan Moon from Days of Wonder

as well as

San Francisco by Reiner Knizia from Rebel Studio

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