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Apr 9, 2017

Tony Boydell joins me for the third April in a row to discuss some of the games we've played since Essen, as well as reflecting on the publication of his latest, Guilds of London.

Games discussed:

Round House from EmperorS4

Adrenaline from CGE

Scythe from Stonemaier

Terraforming Mars from Stronghold Games

Mondrian The Dice Game from Tranjis Games

Feast for Odin from Z-Man/Feuerland Spiele

Cottage Garden from Edition Spielewiese/Stronghold Games

First Class from Hans im Glück/Z-Man

New Bedford from Greater Than Games

Fabled Fruit from 2F-Spiele/Stronghold Games

Here's a link to last year's episode (Episode 511):

and the one from 2015 (Episode 458):