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Oct 13, 2019

Shelley and I spend a few minutes previewing a game that will be readily available at Spiel 2019, then dive head first into the Essen Preview with a look at publishers A-L.

Sierra West by Jonny Pac Cantin from Board&Dice

Preview Titles in order of discussion:

Category 1: Pre-Ordered

The Magnificent

Santa Maria: Exploration Deck

Trails of Tucana

Era of Tribes


Save The Meeples

Cooper Island

Masters of the Renaissance: Lorenzo Il Magnifico The Card Game

Trimau: Grand Tour

Orchard Ocean

On The Origin of Species


Orléans Stories


Category 2: Check out & Possibly Buy

A-Games 4-F101

Grund: Kids on playground try to gain happiness points/cat messes with plans

Portolano: Random tiles to make up sea around which players sail/goods collection & simultanesous planning/run out of rum and the player’s sailors rebel

 Abacusspiele 3-E114

Tajuto: Knizia with beautiful plastic bits making up pagodas which are drawn from a bag.


#MyLife: Card Game about Birth to Death

6 Nimmt! Brettspiel: Is it more than Tanz der Hornochsen?

Grizzly: Maybe too young, but cute bears trying to catch salmon without slipping

Tatort Tonne: Players are raccoons trying to get the best garbage

Board&Dice 2-C112

Dust in the Wings: Butterflies & Mancala actions to collect or distribute

Cucafera Games 4-H100

Zoom Barcelona: Take the best pictures around Barcelona by taking bikes/taxis/etc.

Czech Board Games 1-B137

Spring on a String: Cloth game with stringing together flowers on a felt board.

Devir 2-D118

Karekare: Tile laying and cool bits for island discovery

Paris La Cité de la Lumiere: 2-player only about lighting the buildings during the Universal Exposition

La Viña: Card game about grape growing and wine making!

Drei Magier Spiele

Kakerlaken Sushi

Rauber Raupe

Druid City Games 4-H106

Sorcerer City: Scott Caputo (review in time for podcast PRE-Essen)

Edition Spielwiese 2-D114

Evidence: Journalists trying to prove world mysteries

Nova Luna: Uwe Rosenberg & Corne van Moorsel


Heaven & Ale Expansion (Kegs & More)

EmperorS4 4-C102

Jiguan: The Eastern Mechanist: Not sure – it’s about building ‘mechanical beasts’ but the pub is good

Trial of the Temples: Same designer as Burano, etc.

Walking in Provence: We loved Walking in Burano, so this is a must.

Feuerland 4-C116

Crystal Palace: Heavy, good buzz, and should be solid.

Geek Attitude Games 2-C138

Bruxelles 1897: Card game based on the Bruxelles 1893 board game from Pearl


Miyabi: Game from HABA at 8+ and by Michael Kiesling – and you’re designing a Japanese garden.

Hans im Gluck 2-B110

2 Hadara Expansions

Marco Polo II

Hobby Japan 4-G113

Queen of Hansa: Looks like an interesting card game

HUCH! 3-D120

Coralia: Coral reef preservation/ Michael Rieneck (Pillars of the Earth)

Humboldt’s Great Voyage: Designer of Manitoba, cool graphics

Rajas of the Ganges expansion

Irongames 2-A128

Pandoria Expansions (two of them)


Category 3: Curiosities to Peruse

Adam’s Apple Games 1-C108

Truck Off: Roll & Write

Agie Games 1-G157

Botantists: Buy flowers in the market, then plant in various different land types.

Alderac Entertainment Group 3-K107

Ecos First Continent: John D. Clair/shaping landscapes so species thrive 

Alley Cat Games 5-H119

Chocolate Factory: Dunstan /Glibert (Elysium & Great City of Rome)

Dino World: Roll & Write/plays up to 75!

Ankama 2-A113

Welkin: Craft and sell floating islands – pretty!

Baloise Group 2-F111

Sarah’s Vision: Story-driven co-op

Bedsit Games 6-G122

Pauper’s Ladder: Maybe too young, but beautiful and could be interesting.

Blue Orange Games 3-M107

Tan-Tan Caravan: Set collection/€20/8+/30 min.

Uxmal: Another filler-esque game with a 20-40 minute playing time

Catch Up Games 3-O106

Pharaon: Interesting wheel mechanism that determines which resources are needed for an action

Cosmodrome Games 2-D113

Aquatica: mentions a “3-layered player board” and a “card-rising” mechanism – I’m intrigued.

Squire: The Collector of the Glorious Rarities: Animal player characters are collecting art/adjusting the market for quality items.

Dachshund Games 5-K117

Mint Condition: Card game about trying to prevent wear & tear on your games!

Days of Wonder 3-B107

Deep Blue: Gather the right crew and dive to wrecks to gain treasure

Djeco 5-A101

Space Builder: It’s 8+, so we need to see what it’s all about (in our hall)

dV Giochi 3-E108

Penguinramids: Won ‘Best Unpublished Game’ in Italy

Gam’inBIZ 6-L100

Rollecate: Cute quick rail game

Gen-X Games 4-F111

Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung: Need to check out a game based on an opera (based on Norse legends)

Genius Games 5-D110

Periodic: A Game of Elements: Uses the periodic table in the game 1-C123

De Vulgari Eloquentia Deluxe (getting the upgrade through Kickstarter)

Gotha Games

Aqua Mirabilis: Always looking for games with interesting themes – creation of perfumes & working on one’s standing in court. 

Happy Baobab 5-A111

Edamame: Love the food, so need to check out the game.

IELLO 3-M109

Ishtar: Bruno Cathala & Looks gorgeous with plastic pagodas

Jolly Dutch Productions 4-D108

Chartered: The Golden Age – very cool 3-D plastic buildings

Jolly Thinkers 4-A110

Cellar des Triplettes (the re-pub of Weinhandler)

Keep Exploring Games 5-A121/5-B125

Old Masters/Colors of Paris: Compete to get paint/blend, etc.

Keymaster Games 3-E102

Parks: more people should check out this game!


Cities Skylines: Rustan design/Co-op. Need to check out.