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Oct 20, 2019

Shelley and I spend a few minutes discussing and reviewing 

Bloom Town by Asger Harding Granerud and Daniel Skjold Pedersen from Sidekick Games which is releasing at Essen and (I just found out) will be a WalMart exclusive title here in the US (here's the pre-order link if you're interested in getting it that way:

Then we delve into the Essen Preview from L-Z (you'll find A-K in last week's episode). Here's a list of the games mentioned:

Category 1: Pre-Ordered

Post Scriptum:

Florenza The Dice Game 

Ostia Spiele:


Te oder Cafe

Quined Games:


Taiwan Board Games:


Formosa Tea

UBike Tours Taiwan

Category 2: Check out & Possibly Buy

Laurapelit.fl 3-J115

Amul: Another one by the Manitoba designer

Lookout Games 1-F135

Newdale: Pfister

Foothills: Boydell

Mandala: 2-player

Looping Games 5-J114

1942 USS Yorktown: 1-4 players

1987 Channel Tunnel: 2-player only

Ludonova 5-D112

Babylonia: Knizia

Yukon Airways: Interesting theme

Lumberjack’s Studio 4-D119

-The Isle of Pan: Only available in English at Spiel/looks beautiful

Matagot 3-E102

Paris New Eden: Could be interesting/Dice Drafting/Beautiful

MEBO Games 5-E120

Carrossel: Cool mechanism that was used in a different way in Arraial

Porto: City center building and tile laying

Next Move Games

Azul Summer Pavilion


The Mind Extreme

Pandasaurus Games 4-J114

Wayfinders: Cool tile movement and planes

PD-Verlag 2-F110

Concordia Expansion (2 different versions)

Quined Games 3-M117

La Stanza: Paulo & Nuno (Kickstarted)

City of Big Shoulders: Kickstarted

Schmidt Spiele 3-H102

Die Inseln in Nebel: Islands, landscapes, and hot air balloons

Sidekick Games 5-F106

Bloom Town: Tile Laying and City Building

Spielefaible 1-B126

Vejen: Looks like a classic German game

Spielworxx 2-B112

Throne of Allegoria: Spielworxx’s Essen releases tend to be exactly what we like.

Stronghold Games 3-O107

Aftershock San Francisco & Venice: Alan Moon & earthquakes

Fast Sloths: 2F

Terraforming Mars Turmoil Expansion

Sunrise Tornado Games Studio 5-C122C123

Promenade (suggestion to get)

Surprised Stare Games 4-F121

Alubari – Reworking & developing of many of the Snowdonia mechanisms

Lux Aeterna: 1-player game with amazing graphics

Tasty Minstrel Games 4-F106

Dawn of Mankind: Designer of Manitoba & Historia

Thunderworks Games 5-G108

Cartographers: A Role Player Game: Looks like another cool addition to the draw & write genre. 

XVgames 5-F105

Chartae: Yet another Knizia game about cartographers

Zoch 3-J108

Menara expansion

Voll verasselt


Category 3: Curiosities to Peruse

La Boite de Jeu 3-O106

It’s A Wonderful World (Could be a big game from Blackrock

Neta Tanka

Lost Games Entertainment 5-H116

Medieval Realms: Big & beautiful

LudiCreations 1-D129

On The Underground + Expansion

Massif Games 5-D130

Mountaineers: 3-D Mountain to climb in the game

Medieval Lords 5-L126

Volleyball High: Sports game of a different sort/players are a high school team


6 Castles: Tile-laying by Rola (Jose)

Garum: Players make fish sauce with spices!


Rune Stones: Rudiger Dorn


Big Money: Quick Dice Game

Renegade Game Studios

First Light: Looks like a cool Sci-Fi game

Paladins of the West Kingdom: Follow up of Architects…

RUDY3 Publishing 5-M116

Envyra: Looks beautiful

Sit Down! 3-O121

Space Bowl: Simultaneous Play

Strawberry Studio 2-C112

Bon Appetit!

Rescue Animals

ThunderGryph Games 2-F116


Rolling Ranch

TWOPLUS Games 5-C122

Kingdom of Middag: looks gorgeous

Wizkids 6-I110

Flotilla: Looks gorgeous & big

Wood Games 5-E112

Board Game Café Frenzy: love the theme!