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Shelley and I talk about my playing of

Penny Press by Robert Dijkman Dulkes and Matt Golec from Asmadi Games

and discuss playing games as a unit in a classroom with students.

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Ray form Game Kastle (a local FLGS) and then Shelley and Parker join me for a discussion of retail shops and games played.

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Gamer and game accessory retailer Cynthia Landon joins the discussion for a conversation about games she plays and her business.  This was back a few years, so you may know Meeplepeople from their very cool Kickstarter campaigns.

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Shelley and I get three newer games to the table this week, finding one less than enjoyable, one that I may be able to win Shelley over on, and one that both of us liked immediately.

Cubo by Johannes Berger and Julien Gupta from Queen Games

Trakkx by Thade Precht from Schmidt Spiele


The Golden Ages by Luigi Ferrini from Quined Games

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Shelley and I tackle the dice version of Race for the Galaxy (Huang and Lehmann's ROLL For The Galaxy) and then head to South America for some precursor to chocolate in Cacao.

Roll For The Galaxy by Wei-Hwa Huang and Tom Lehmann from Rio Grande Games


Cacao by Phil Walker-Harding from AbacusSpiele


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Greg Parker joins me on the microphones for a discussion of a bunch of games we got to the table when I visited his place post-Thanksgiving 2006.

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Paul Tevis joins Shelley and me on the microphones (and Aldie stops by briefly) for a discussion of BGG.con 2006 and some of the games we got to the table.

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Shelley and I discuss two GREAT new card games, one import and one domestic release.

The Game: lange du kannst! by Steffen Benndorf from Nürnberger-Spielkarten

Arboretum by Dan Cassar from Z-Man Games

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Shelley and I sit down with Derk Solko at BGG.Con 2006 for a discussion of Essen games and other sundry topics.

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Shelley and I spend some time talking about 2 Pillar titles, then wander around BGG.Con 2006 as well.

Pillars of the Earth

Saulen von Venedig (Pillars of Venice)

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