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Shelley and I get a chance to review our first Essen 2016 release - Fabled Fruit from Friedemann Friese and Stronghold Games - then we have three 'At The Fair' recordings with Shelley and me, Scott 'Aldie' Alden of BGG, and Mark Johnson of Boardgames To Go!

Fabled Fruit by Friedemann Friese from Stronghold Games

Feast for Odin



and others!

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Shelley and I take on two games that fell flat for both of us.

Blood Rage by Eric Lang from Cool Mini or Not


My Fair Princess by Kuro from Manifest Destiny

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Shelley and I get a chance to try out two possible entries in NEXT year's SdJ competition, and you'll be able to find them throughout Essen THIS WEEK!

Costa Rica by Matthew Dunstan and Brett J. Gilbert from Mayfair/Lookout


Dream Islands by Lorenz Kutschke from Schmidt Spiele


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Shelley and I get a chance to discuss one of the newer titles from Stronghold Games that will be available in Germany in less than 2 weeks, then we tackle the Essen Spiel 2016 Preview on BGG and I go through the ones I must track down!


City of Spies by Gil d'Orey and Antonio Sousa Lara from Stronghold Games

The games discussed from the Preview:

Amigo/Small Card Games/2-Player Games (under E20)

  • Bohnanza Das Duel
  • Freaky
  • Naova
  • Schwupps
  • X Nimmt!
  • Capital Lux - drafting/own tableau or common…
  • Clown Standoff - trick taking with some push your luck
  • Zany Penguins - cute cards/interesting tactics & drafting
  • Legendary Inventors
  • Noxford
  • Grand Bazaar (Small card game that takes up to 7 players!)
  • Fruit Spy (cute artwork/rethemed Knizia)
  • Tallinn plays quickly, expansions available (Blindes Huhn & Visby last year)
  • What’s Up - cute card game/video
  • Hanamikoji (2-player, gorgeous cards!)
  • Jolly & Roger (2-player) - comment on blog that it’s been tested with couples a lot.
  • Rival Kings (2-player)
  • Agamemnon (2-player) Osprey Games

Interesting New/Newer Publishers

  • Ave Roma
  • Beer Empire (Boards&Dice) does this do for beer what Vinhos/Viticulture did for wine?
  • Barcelona: The Rose of Fire - 19thC city building. Avoid unrest while gaining prestige (Devir)
  • Capital - Granna, and the building/re-building of Warsaw
  • Round House - Clans compete for prestige in rural China (EmperorS4)
  • Plus Ultra: The Court of Emperor Charles V (Meridiano) Medium Weight drafting
  • Sweet Nose - Candy Eating! (MO ZI Game)
  • Da Yuhne: Der Grosse Kaiserkanal (Müller Mätzig Spiele Verlag)

Heavier Probably or MUST HAVES

  • Lorenzo il Magnifico - Cranio/Designers of Grand Austria Hotel/Tzolkin
  • Rhodes - new one from The Game Master
  • Airlines - Golden Egg
  • First Class: Unterwegs im Orient Express (HiG/Z) designer of Russian RR, Trambahn
  • Ulm - R&R, Strong recommendation from Ted
  • Luther: Das Spiel (need to read up on it and see how language dependent)
  • Flamme Rouge - Cycling game from Lautapelit
  • The Colonists (Mayfair/Lookout) - Possibly as big as will make its way over here…
  • Oracle at Delphi - Stefan Feld
  • Papa Paolo - Quined Games & pizza making
  • Key to the City: London - Richard Breese
  • North American Railways - Spielworxx is always putting out great stuff!
  • Solarius Mission - Spielworxx & designed by the La Granja designers
  • Colony
  • Guilds of London
  • Railroad Revolution - What’s Your Game’s 2016 entry
  • Feast of Odin - another BIG game from Uwe, using the Tetris-style pieces

Stronghold Titles

  • La Granja No Siesta
  • Great Western Trail
  • Terraforming Mars
  • Sola Fide

Lighter Fare That Looks Interesting

  • Kingdomino
  • Cottage Garden (Uwe with tetris-esque pieces)
  • Touria - The Brands & R&R Games
  • Kanagawa - Card drafting and a game about painting.
  • Dokmus - Area Control & 20-30 minutes (Lauta)
  • Honshu - Trick Taking & map building! (Lauta)
  • Slide Blast - Waterslide building/tile laying
  • Sail Away (Mattel) Light resource collection with some ‘take that’ elements...Styx
  • Chariot Race (Matt Leacock, interactive, but uses some of the Roll Through The Ages ideas)
  • Coal Baron Card Game
  • Die Baumeister des Colosseum - Klaus Jurgen Wrede
  • Noch Mal! - Dice game from the Brands
  • Mondrian The Dice Game
  • Pandemic Iberia - LOVED getting this variant to the table

Odds & Ends/Expansions

  • Order of the Guilded Compass - New remake of Alea iacta Est
  • Knights/Chevaliers - Single-player and comic book form, intrigues
  • Rome: Rise to Power - Revolt! Expansion
  • Carcassonne Star Wars Expansion
  • Russian Railroads: American Railroads
  • Concordia Gallia/Corsica


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Shelley and I check out two great games we had a fantastic time playing for the past couple of weeks:

Scythe by Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games


The Pursuit of Happiness by David Chircop and Adrian Abela

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Ted Alspach, Doug Richardson, Ric Bretschneider, Shelley, and a host of others join in on the mics for a conversation about the good, the bad, and possible future titles too!

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Ted Alspach, Scott Caputo, Joe Huber, Matt Leacock, and Susan McKinley Ross join the gamers at the table in the conference room once again for Meeplefest Night 1, Part 2!

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Shelley and I get Rome: Rise to Power with its trademarked 'Rise to Power' dice placement system, as well as the cute mice/cat/dog cheese-getting game that is Go Da Cheese.

Rome: Rise to Power by Elad Goldsteen from Golden Egg Games


Go Da Cheese by Hisashi Hayashi from OKAZU Brand


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Shelley and I finally get a chance to play the 3rd nominee for the 2016 Spiel des Jahres, then try out a Michael Schacht card game with cool mechanisms but bad graphic design.

Imhotep by Phil Walker-Harding from Kosmos


Crimson Crush by Michael Schacht from White Goblin

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Ted Alspach, Scott Caputo, Joe Huber, Matt Leacock, and Susan McKinley Ross join the gamers around the table for a discussion of the SdJ and KdJ winners, then we delve into where the sparks and ideas for designs come from.

It's Meeplefest time once again!

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