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Shelley and I finally do some heavy lifting this week, getting Uwe Rosenberg's monster Agricola sequel CAVERNA The Cave Farmers to the table for a couple of plays in a row.  Then we talk about another of these wonderful forthcoming 'gum packet-sized' games from Chris Handy.  This week GEM is on the docket.

Caverna The Cave Farmers by Use Rosenberg and published by Lookout Games.


GEM by Chris Handy and published by Perplext (soon to be on Kickstarter)


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This week Shelley and I look at another Essen 2013 (yep they're still out there!) that we borrowed from Ted & Toni, then discuss the first in a great batch of forthcoming games.

Citrus by Jeffrey Allers and published by dlp Games


HUE by Chris Handy and soon to be Kickstarted!

Enjoy and thanks for listening!  Send your comments to or go onto our guild at for more information and conversation.

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This week's episode features two reviews of older games, but includes the recent expansion for one.


Tokaido by Antoine Bauza + the Tokaido Crossroads expansion from Fun Forge


Royal Palace by Xavier Georges from Rio Grande/Filosofia/Hans im Gluck

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Pagoda from AEG and Vikings from Rio Grande get discussed this episode.

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Shelley and I check out Helios with a first play (more on this one next time too) and also pull another oldie (is it a goodie??) off the shelf after 5 years: Comuni.


Helios by Martin Kallenborn and Matthias Prinz from Hans im Gluck and Z-Man


Comuni by Accitttocca and Virginio Gigli from Elfinwerks, HUCH, and TenkiGames

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