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Aug 12, 2018

Shelley and I try to enjoy the luck-fest dice re-working of Istanbul, then work our farms a la Agricola in a cousin of that now venerable title (that's Uwe Rosenberg Approved!)

Istanbul The Dice Game by Rudiger Dorn from AEG


Lowlands by Claudia and Ralf Partenheimer from Z-Man Games

Aug 6, 2018

Shelley and I go lighter this week, having some fun exploring the streets of the lower half of Manhattan in

Ticket to Ride New York by Alan Moon from Days of Wonder


Splendor: Cities of Splendor by Marc Andre from Space Cowboys

Jul 29, 2018

Shelley and I have fun seeing which bird type comes out on top in 

Birdie Fight/Songbirds by Yuo from Kocchiya

and finish off the campaign of

Charterstone by Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games

Jul 22, 2018

Shelley and I have a great time cooperatively building with blocks and cardboard, then tackle the first 6 games of a legacy title:

Menara by Oliver Richtberg from Zoch


Charterstone by Jamey Stegmaier from Stonemaier Games

Jul 15, 2018

Shelley and I struggle to enjoy two otherwise beautiful games:

Photosynthesis by Hjalmar Hach from Blue Orange Games


The Island of El Dorado, a Kickstarter game by Daniel Aronson

Before that discussion, though, we talk about a few of the games we enjoyed playing with visiting friends:

StreamRollers (previously...