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Shelley and I talk through Nations The Dice Game, the much shorter dice-based version of Nations, as well and the new Queen/Dirk Henn game Neptun.

Nations The Dice Game by Rustan Hakansson from


Neptun by Dirk Henn from Queen Games

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Shelley and I sit down with Eric and Mark of Days of Wonder to discuss the history of their company, as well as the (at that time) forthcoming Battlore game!

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Two Gregs and Shelley join me for a rapid-fire discussion of a bunch of older titles, many of which have found their way to other collections at this point.

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Shelley and I get two much older games to the table - 

Auf Achse and Die Osterinsel

which I still actually have on my shelf and we bring out every once in awhile, and

Knights of Charlemagne

which never got another play...

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Shelley and I get another cute little Japanese game to the table, this one a quick tile-laying super-fillerwith some nice action choices.  Then, we try out a 7 Wonders-esque card-based tech-tree game with some interesting ideas, but not nearly as streamlined as the former.

King of Frontier by Shun from Studio GG

Progress: Evolution of Technology by Agnieszka Kopera and Andrei Novac from NSKN Games

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Mark Jackson and Mard Batty join me for an in-depth discusison of Ticket to Ride.  These Roundtables petered out as time constraints and tech issues made setting them up difficult, but I think the Meeplefest episodes reflect some of what these try to do.

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Ric joins me for a discussion of games of the moment (in 2006), along with some talk about game stores past & present.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon City

Thurn und Taxis

Mission Red Planet

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Shelley and I begin to extablish our 2-person banter while reviewing games with this return to the feed from 2006.  five games on the table, and everything from indies to major players.

City and Guilds

Thurn und Taxis




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Shelley and I discuss my playings of Dreaming Spires, a new game from Game Salute, as well as Mangrovia, Zoch's 2014 entry into the gamers' market.

Dreaming Spires by Jeremy Hogan from Game Salute and Secret Games Company

Mangrovia by Eilif Svensson from Zoch Verlag

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Ward Batty of Atlanta Game Fest joins me on the microphones all the way back in 2006.

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