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Ted Alspach, Scott Caputo, Joe Huber, Matt Leacock, and Susan McKinley Ross join the gamers around the table for a discussion of the SdJ and KdJ winners, then we delve into where the sparks and ideas for designs come from.

It's Meeplefest time once again!

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Shelley and I spend time playing through the new version of Medici from Grail Games (which includes a great 2-player game), as well as two of the new Target-exclusive releases - Ticket to Ride: First Journey and Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City.

Medici by Reiner Knizia and from Grail Games

Ticket to Ride: First Journey by Alan Moon and from Days of Wonder


Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City by Masao Suganuma from IDW and Pandasaurus

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Shelley and I tackle the BIG new game from Okazu (and forthcoming from TMG), then race through the woods while avoiding bears and hopefully heading in the right direction!

Yokohama by Hisashi Hayashi from Okazu Brand and Tasty Minstrel Games


Bear Valley by Carl Chudyk from Stronghold Games

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Shelley and I head back to the 2014 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Istanbul to play its Mocha and Baksheesh expansion, then we try out the new and, yes innovative deck builder Mystic Vale and its 'card building' mechanism.

Istanbul Mocha and Baksheesh by Rudiger Dorn from AEG and Pegasus


Mystic Vale by John D. Clair from AEG

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Shelley and I finally got our hands on a pre-release copy of America and talk about it more extensively, then we try out another Deinko game with quasi-cooperation as thieves.

America by Ted Alspach and Friedemann Friese from Bezier Games


Double Mission: Beyond the Object by Evan Song from Deinko Games

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Shelley and I try out the new Star Wars version of Carcassonne, then add the expansion to The Golden Ages, called Cults and Culture.

Carcassonne Star Wars by Klaus-Jurgen Wrede from Hans im Gluck

The Golden Ages by Luigi Ferrini


The Golden Ages: Cults and Culture Expansion by Luigi Ferrini, both from Stronghold Games

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Shelley and I get in a few plays of Chronicler, where we spent time quickly building civilizations, then tried our hands at amusement park building with Alan's Adventureland, before breaking out a 4-player game of Karuba.

Chronicler by GB Kim and Kim sung hun from Deinko

Alan's Adventureland by Alan Ernstein from Rio Grande


Karuba by Rudiger Dorn from HABA

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Shelley and I continue to enjoy summer by getting together with some friends and trying out the new version of Sushi Go, as well as a rip off of Cards Against Humanity, and also try out some TV programming.

Sushi Go Party by Phil Walker-Harding from Gamewright

Prime Time by Elad Goldstein from Golden Egg Games


Dick: A Card Game Based on the Novel by Herman Melville from Why so Ever

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Shelley and I aborted our first playing of Blood Rage (and talk about it a bit), then delve more deeply into

Alienation by Chris and Coryn Lombardi


The Foreign King by Javier Garcia from Giochix


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Shelley and I spent some time in Tahoe hiking, then playing some games once we got home.  These two were not well liked by Shelley, though I liked one of them.

Bohemian Villages by Reiner Stockhausen and from dlp Games


World's Fair 1893 by J. Alex Kevern and from Foxtrot and Renegade


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