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May 4, 2015

Shelley and I tackle the dice version of Race for the Galaxy (Huang and Lehmann's ROLL For The Galaxy) and then head to South America for some precursor to chocolate in Cacao.

Roll For The Galaxy by Wei-Hwa Huang and Tom Lehmann from Rio Grande Games


Cacao by Phil Walker-Harding from AbacusSpiele


Jan 25, 2015

A solo show once again (what was I thinking? I'm OK on my own, but Shelley adds a perfect counter balance).  This time it's Schacht, Teuber, and Kramer.  BTW, I still have Web of Power and China on the shelf, as well as Anno 1503, but Hacienda went away a LONG time ago.

Oct 19, 2014

Shelley and I get Trains and its first Map Expansion to the table for a conversation on deck building with the addition of play to a board, then try out two from last year's Essen as well.

Trains + Map Expansion (Dominion with a board - which changes things in interesting ways!) by Hisashi Hayashi from AEG


Oct 11, 2014

Recorded after getting a chance to play some titles that people brought to Meeplefest back in August, here are THREE two games and one expansion from Japanese designers:

Too Many Cinderellas (some interesting ideas about narrowing the possible choices for the title character) from Taikikennai Games


Jul 2, 2014

This week's episode features two reviews of older games, but includes the recent expansion for one.


Tokaido by Antoine Bauza + the Tokaido Crossroads expansion from Fun Forge


Royal Palace by Xavier Georges from Rio Grande/Filosofia/Hans im Gluck