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Welcome to Garrett's Games and Geekiness!  


Welcome to Garrett's Games podcast.  Your hosts, Doug Garrett and Shelley Ganschow, have been discussing games on the podcast nearly every week since 2006.  We try to cover at least 2 games every week, giving listeners a clear idea of what to expect from the new games hitting the shelves or classic games that should be given a second chance to hit the table.

Occasionally we will have guests (friends, industry insiders, designers, other podcasters) who provide further insight and ideas about the hobby.  Highlights each year are our Meeplefest episodes from late August/September, as well as our pre- and post-Essen shows where we discuss the huge influx of titles that always arrive in Germany in October. As part of the BoardGameGeek staff at Essen since the first time BGG attended the fair, we have a wealth of knowledge about the great and not-so-great games that have made their way into the HUGE BGG library.

Finally, in late January/early February of each year we cover our 'Best of...' the previous year's titles.  See if your favorites match ours, and go back to see if we were correct in previous years.