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Mar 26, 2017

Shelley and I talk about the latest from Stefan Feld, then delve into another heavier Essen release from a Taiwanese publisher.

Oracle of Delphi from Pegasus and Tasty Minstrel by Stefan Feld


Round House from EmperorS4 and designed by Eros Lin and Zonh-Hua Yang


Mar 20, 2017

Shelley and I get another GREAT game from Essen 2016 to the table - addictively playing it MANY times in a row, then throw in a dessert micro game for good measure.

Ave Roma by Attila Szögyi from A-Games


Tallinn by Stefan Risthaus from Ostia Spiele

Mar 13, 2017

Shelley and I get a chance to talk about the new Bezier revamp of Jeff Allers called New York Slice, then have a great time playing What's Your Game's fantastic Essen 2016 release Railroad Revolution.

New York Slice by Jeff Allers from Bezier Games


Railroad Revolution by Marco Canetta and Stefania Niccolini...

Mar 5, 2017

Shelley and I check out a game that flew under a lot of people's radar at Essen, then get the card/game version of a fantastic title from a couple of years ago to the table:

Rhodes by Pieter Boots from The Game Master


First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express by Helmut Ohley from Hans im Gluck