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Welcome to Garrett's Games and Geekiness!  

Jun 26, 2016

Shelley and I aborted our first playing of Blood Rage (and talk about it a bit), then delve more deeply into

Alienation by Chris and Coryn Lombardi


The Foreign King by Javier Garcia from Giochix


Jun 20, 2016

Shelley and I spent some time in Tahoe hiking, then playing some games once we got home.  These two were not well liked by Shelley, though I liked one of them.

Bohemian Villages by Reiner Stockhausen and from dlp Games


World's Fair 1893 by J. Alex Kevern and from Foxtrot and Renegade


Jun 12, 2016

Shelley and I had a GREAT time finally getting a chance to play the 2014 Kinderspiel des Jahres winner that's due in the US within a month, and one of the three SdJ nominees for this year!

Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters by Brian Yu from Mattel


Karuba by Rudiger Dorn from HABA

Jun 6, 2016

Shelley and I have a BUSY week, so it's time for a short, one-game episode this time. This week we get in a couple of plays for a discussion of 

Dice City by Vangelis Bagiartakis from AEG and Artipia Games