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Welcome to Garrett's Games and Geekiness!  

Sep 19, 2021

Shelley and I set out to explore parts of the world this week in

Lost Explorers by C├ędrick Chaboussit from Ludonaute

and then focus on the African continent in

Africana by Michael Schacht from ABACUSSPIELE and Z-Man Games

Sep 13, 2021

Shelley and I head to ancient Babylon to build the hanging gardens in 2007's

Amyitis by Cyril Demaegd from Rio Grande and Ystari

then we head north to the Pacific Northwest to build lands and populate them with animals in

Cascadia by Randy Flynn from AEG and Flatout Games

Sep 6, 2021

Shelley and I go to taverns and draft the help of dwarves in 

Nidavellir by Serge Laget from GRRE Games

then get abstract with polyominoes with

Project L by Michal Mikes, Jan Soukal, and Adam Spanel from Boardcubator

Aug 29, 2021

Shelley and I check out new iterations of some of our favorites this week, trying out the new version of Let's Make A Bus Route

Let's Make A Bus Route: The Dice Game by Saashi and from Saashi and Saashi

and then we were happy to receive a copy of the excellent re-issue of On The Underground

On The Underground: London &...

Aug 22, 2021

Shelley and I check out the 'card-game' version of Terraforming Mars (one of our favorite heavier titles of the past few years):

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition by Sydney Engelstein, Jacob Fryxelius, and Nick Little from Stronghold Games and FryxGames

then go back to one our first heavier titles when we were...