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Welcome to Garrett's Games and Geekiness!  

Aug 24, 2014

Playing experiences are a primary topic on this episode as Dave Gullett joins the gang from last week and delves into what makes a new game OK, though he loathes learning new games.  Then Susan McKinley Ross talks about Qwirkle's move to iOS and German licensing, and we discuss getting total strangers to buy...

Aug 24, 2014

Susan McKinley Ross joins in on the mics (along with last week's crew) and Erik Oliver shows up for a discussion of the games that sparked debate and enjoyment over the course of the weekend.  Those games include

Norderwind (North Wind)


Advanced Civilization





Glass Road

Camel Up


Aug 24, 2014

Candy, Ric, Joe, Kevin, and Brett join Shelley and me for a conversation about the SdJ nominees/winners, what a 'game' is, and whether BGG needs to be more user friendly or is 'just right' as Goldilocks would say.

Aug 24, 2014

Ted, Doug, Ric, Denis, Paul and a couple others join Shelley and me for a discussion of the state of Kickstarter, prototypes, development, and playtesting.  Then we talk about some of the latest titles we were able to get to the table.


Aug 17, 2014

The group spends some time discussing SdJ and KdJ nominees and winners, then delve into a deeper discussion of design and publishing led by Ted's experiences in the field.