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Welcome to Garrett's Games and Geekiness!  

Dec 29, 2019

Shelley and I have fun laying tiles in two new titles we checked out.

First up was 

6 Castles by Costa and Rola from Pythagoras

and then 

Sorcerer City by Scott Caputo from Druid City Games 

had us building our regions from round to round.

Dec 22, 2019

Shelley and I go abstract this week as we get

Azul: Summer Pavillion by Michael Kiesling from Next Move Games

to the table, followed by a fun filler 

Twisty by Faouzi Boughida from Djeco

We then end the episode with a quick final conversation from Essen with Pontus Nilsson, a gamer friend and Instagram reviewer from...

Dec 15, 2019

Shelley and I spend our week in Paris for this episode, heading back to the Belle Epoque for 

Paris La Cité de la Lumière by Jose Antonio Abascal Acebo and published by Devir

then we go to post-apocalyptic Paris as humanity rebuilds in

Paris New Eden by Florian Grenier and Ludovic Maublanc and published by Matagot

Dec 9, 2019

Shelley and I spend some time with two games from Hungary's A-Games

Grund by Máté Brunner, Sámuel Lackner, Márton Ollári, and Patrik Venczel


Portolano by Adam Geri

then I finish up my conversation with BGG's W. Eric Martin

Other games discussed/mentioned:


Zoom in Barcelona



Tribune (new...

Dec 1, 2019

Shelley and I spend some time delving into the mancala mechanisms of R&R Games' new title 

Humboldt's Great Voyage by Remo Conzadori and Nestore Mangone

and then I begin a conversation with W. Eric Martin about Essen, games played, and thoughts on the industry.

Other Games Discussed:

Die Crew


Spring on a...