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Sep 25, 2022

Shelley and I dive into the first part of my Essen Wantlist this week, but start by looking at a recent Kickstarter arrival

Keystone: North America by Jeffrey Joyce and Isaac Vega from Rose Gauntlet Entertainment

Then it's Part 1 of my Essen "Interested" list (in alphabetical order based on publisher - list...

Sep 18, 2022

Shelley and I head to the airport and build our airline companies in 2020's

Blue Skies by Joe Huber from Rio Grande Games

then we head back to 2010 and become cat people for some unknown reason in

Felinia by Michael Schacht from Matagot and Asmodee 

which has been recently republished in 2019with some tweaks as


Sep 11, 2022

Shelley and I have a great time with two more Japanese titles, one of which is more readily available than the other, though both are worthy new titles that we need to get on our own fact, many thanks to a BGG user who was willing to trade for his copy of Pastiche!

Exhaust by Hisashi Hayashi from OKAZU...

Sep 4, 2022

Shelley and I play a couple of very different but excellent dice games this week

Dice Realms by Tom Lehmann from Rio Grande Games


Dandelions by Takashi Sakaue from

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