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Jun 3, 2018

It's time for our annual discussion of our thoughts on the Nominees and Recommended titles for German Game of the Year!  The Spiel des Jahres (lighter, family games) and Kennerspiel des Jahres (still fairly light, but more involved games) are on the docket!


SdJ Nominees:
Azul by Michael Kiesling from Next Move
The Mind by Wolfgang Warsch from NSV
Luxor by Rudiger Dorn from Queen Games

KedJ Nominees:
Ganz Schon Clever by Wolfgang Warsch from Schmidt Spiele
Heaven and Ale by Michael Kiesling from eggertspiele
Quacksalber von Quedlinburg by Wolfgang Warsch from Schmidt Spiele

SdJ Recommended Games:
5-Minute Dungeon by Connor Reid from Kosmos
Facecards by Leo Colovini from Ravensburger
Majesty: For The Realm by Marc Andre from Hans im Gluck
Memoarrr! by Carlo Bortolini from Pegasus/Stronghold Games
Santorini by Gord! from Roxley
Woodlands by Daniel Fehr from Ravensburger

KedJ Recommended Games:
Clank! by Paul Dennen from Renegade Game Studios
Pioneers by Emanuele Ornella from Queen Games