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Oct 19, 2018

Shelley and I have fun with the third game in Uwe Rosenberg's Tetris-piece trilogy from Stronghold Games

Spring Meadow by Uwe Rosenberg from Stronghold Games

and then dive into BGG's Essen Preview list for a look at what's piquing our interest from publishers A-L.

Must Haves:

Carpe Diem - Got a chance to play this and we review it on Ep. 643

3X8 - Amigo card game that I already got through

BiberClan - Amigo card game

Karate Tomate - Another Amigo card game!

Lifestyle - cards, dice & tokens from Amigo (already got it)

One Week Ultimate Werewolf - Played once, look forward to more!

Ultimate Werewolf Legacy - Seen it, but haven't played. Gorgeous!

Newton - Great buzz/Tzolkin designers

Underwater Cities - Vladimir Suchy, designer of Pulsar, etc.

Altiplano: The Traveler - Expansion for one of our favorites from 2017

Manitoba - More dlp goodness

Valparaiso - Designer of Altiplano

Dixit 10th Anniversary - New Cards!!!!