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Oct 3, 2021

This is Part 1 as Shelley and I go through BGG's Essen Preview after I spent some time curating the list. Here are this week's titles:

The following are listed by Publisher, as that's the best way to find them if you are actually going to the fair.


  • Cascadia

All or None Games

  • Betwixt and Between


  • Tulpenfieber

Aporta Games

  • Bad Company
  • Trails of Tucana: Ferry Expansion

Arcane Wonders

  • Furnace
  • Picture Perfect


  • Caraventura: Oklahoma, Lhassa, & Vinland

Blue Cocker Games

  • Welcome to The Moon

Blue Orange Games

  • Neoville

Board Game Circus

  • Four Gardens


  • Garden Nation
  • Nicodemus

Bright Eye Games

  • Termite Towers
  • Waggle Dance

BYR Games

  • The Belgian Beers Race

Capstone Games

  • Glass Road
  • Imperial Steam

Catch Up Games

  • Sobek: 2 Players

Chilifox Games

  • Riverside

Cranio Creations

  • Eriantys
  • Golem

Delicious Games

  • Messina 1347

Demonic Games

  • Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon


  • Bitoku
  • LUNA Capital
  • Paris: Eiffel

dlp Games

  • Boonlake

Dragon Dawn Productions

  • Factory 42

dV Giochi

  • Wonder Book


  • Great Western Trail (Second Edition)

Feuerland Spiele

  • Ark Nova


  • Almadi